Shelby, a New Teen Fiction by L. M. Glenn, Based on Her Own Family…Including the Polish Game Hen!

I’d like to introduce you to L.M. Glenn.

L.M. Glenn

L.M. “Lisa” Glenn, born in Montana, raised in Wyoming now resides in the Panhandle of Florida. She is a proud Grandmother of two beauties and a Mother of four. She currently, along with her writing, is employed at a local store. When she is not writing or working, she is furthering her education at NWFS College. Glenn, along beside her 10 year old daughter, raises chickens and a Jack Russell/Yorkie mix When Glenn writes she chugs coffee by the gallons and eats her favorite treat, Chocolate. She is currently working on her next novel.

Chocolate you say, Lisa! You are quite an inspiration. I’ll have to try that!

 Now more about Lisa’s book!



Teen Fiction

Running away actually brought her home.

The characters are based on my own family including the Polish game hen.


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And now for some Q&A!

  1. What does your writing process look like? Not sure what you’re asking but my writing process is spontaneous. I don’t have a set time although in the late evening seems to be where it’s at now.
  2. Where do you write? In bed.writing in bed
  3. Do you have any strange writing habits? I drink coffee wherever i write, even in bed.
  4. Are you a plotter or a pantster? I write by the seat of my pants; the story just appears.
  5. Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than others? Erotica, I have tried but I have trouble putting into words, I blush.
  6. Is there one subject you would never write about as an author? Sci Fi. I have trouble reading it let alone writing it.
  7. How did you come up with the title of your book or series? I watched a movie once where the main characters name was Shelby, and I fell in love with her character and her name.
  8. What book do you wish you could have written? Twilight. I read the series and loved them
  9. What other books/authors are similar to your own? I was told once I write like Janet Evanovich although I don’t see it. I don’t think there is any similar to mine. I write fast paced and my stories are al little out there.
  10. Tell us a little bit about your cover art. The picture stood out to me, the little girl looking lost fit with my character. I had the cover made by Taya Hardenbrook.
  11. Just as your books inspire authors, what authors have inspired you to write? Johanna Lindsey is one of my favorite authors and I love her books. Her and Harlequin romances got me hooked.
  12. Who is your favorite character from your book and why? My favorite is José the midget. He is feisty and strong-willed.
  13. How about your least favorite character? Daniel because it was hard to put on paper the type of character i wanted him to be.
  14. If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would play your characters? Shelby would be played by Riley Mathews from Girl meets World. Daniel would be played by Ross Lynch from Austin and Allie. José I’m just not sure of; he’s one of a kind.
  15. How important are names to you in your books? I go with my gut on some and others I use names from the Bible.
  16. If you could change ONE thing about your novel, what would it be?  I would add another scene that I was reluctant to put in.
  17. What do you consider to be your best accomplishment? Learning how to format by books. It was a long and hard process.
  18. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? An author with over 100 books.
  19. Have you always enjoyed writing? Yes, and telling stories
  20. What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors? Never let someone tell you that you can’t write because I believe everyone has a story to tell and writing can be taught. It’s a long tough road but there are some smooth patches that make it all worthwhile.
  21. Do you read your reviews? Do you respond to them, good or bad? Do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad? I just wish that reviews were written with honesty and not out of pettiness or favoritism. I do read all my reviews and I reply to the negative reviews with a thank you, because I really want to know what I need to do to improve for my readers.
  22. What (when not writing) do you do to support yourself? I work two jobs, I am a sales rep at a local store and I also design book covers.
  23. Do you have any other talents or hobbies? I raise chickens and also attend college where I am working on my bachelors in business.
  24. What is your least favorite part of the publishing / writing process? The editing. I seem to always miss something.
  25. What can readers who enjoy your book do to help make it successful? Leave honest reviews. I would love to even get an email telling me how they liked my book
  26. What is your best marketing tip? Everyday, market somewhere either through Twitter, FB or Google, but it has to be done every day. I have reached a point where i am paying for a marketing package so I can get my book on the major news sites.
  27. Do you have a favorite conference to attend? Not really
  28. What are you working on now? I’m working on two books as of now. I’m currently finishing up with one called the Fisherman, a fantasy romance and another called, South End wish is also a fantasy romance
  29. What is your next project? I am working with a group of great authors who are putting together an Indie Author signing in Florida for July 2016.
  30. What can we expect from you in the future? More books with different genre. I like to bounce around. I’m considered to be a mainstream writer.

And now for some FUN!

  1. Do you have a pet or pets? I have a Jack Russel/Beagle mix and a Rhode Island Red Hen names Golden.
  2. Are you a compulsive shopper/hoarder? Shopper for sure. It puts me in a good mood.
  3. Do you drink or smoke? I don’t drink alcohol or smoke. Although I am a coffee attic.
  4. Have you ever gotten into a bar fight? Yes, when I was younger, very young I beat up a girl for flirting with my then husband.
  5. Characters often find themselves in situations they aren’t sure they can get themselves out of. When was the last time you found yourself in a situation that was hard to get out of and what did you do? In October of 2014 I lost everything to a house fire, starting over was the hardest thing to do. But with some great friends and co-workers, I climbed.
  6. Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color? Yes Ronald McDonald red and I loved it.
  7. If you had a supernatural power, what would it be? I would want to be invisible so I could watch and see the world uninterrupted.

I like to ask of all my authors to please describe something they “deleted” from their work and why. Because a real writer knows when to hit THE DELETE KEY!

I wrote a scene where my main character falls for her hero. The scene was in the woods were the characters’ have their first kiss. I deleted the scene because that’s not what I wanted my readers to feel. The story isn’t a romance it’s more an inspirational. You still get the feel of her small crush but nothing more. I feel as if it would have ruined the story.

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Thank you, Lisa!

Keep up the good work!