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The Delete Key is for Writers! And I Mean That Literally and Figuratively.

THE DELETE KEY, according to Wikipedia, when struck on a computer keyboard during text or command editing, the delete key (Delete or Del, known less ambiguously as forward delete) The Delete Key Buttondiscards the character ahead of the cursor‘s position, moving all following characters one position “back” towards the freed letterspace. The key appears on IBM-compatible PC keyboards labeled as ‘Delete’ or ‘Del’. On some Mac keyboards, the key that performs the forward delete function is labeled ‘del’,[1] or with a special right arrow glyph enclosing an ‘x’ with the word del or delete above or to the left of it,[2] since the full word delete by itself is reserved for labelling the key known on other keyboards as Backspace.

Where it is important for writers to remember to use THE DELETE KEY literally (because not everything you write is GOLD), it can also be beneficial to keep a file on all your deleted  text for future reference,  as was the suggestion of my friend and fellow author, Ariana Wells.

When I asked about her experiences with THE DELETE KEY (literally), she responded:

 I never completely delete a scene that isn’t working. For every story I write I create a file for deleted scenes. Just because it doesn’t work in this story, doesn’t mean the scene or the essence of it won’t be perfect for another story.” 

Literally and Figuratively, according to Wikipedia:

THE DELETE KEY is figuratively for writers as well with:


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