A SPECIAL THANKS for Reading The Kitchen Dance by Geri G. Taylor

I want to thank all my friends, family, fellow authors, and readers who have supported me on my first novel, The Kitchen Dance.
I just received the rights back from Melange Books, LLC, and, at this time, the Kindle version is no longer available on Amazon but the ebook can still be purchased directly from me for $2.99 (via PayPal) in a mobi file that can be read on a Kindle.

Plus, I still have paperback copies for $14.95 (via PayPal) that I will personalize and autograph.

Also, you can still find good deals on used books on Amazon as low as $4.75 (including S&H)!

I appreciate you reading my book and I sincerely hope that you enjoy it and find it entertaining. If so, please take a few moments to share your opinion on Amazon and, if you are a member, Goodreads or other sites you like to visit.

Please visit my website and watch my book trailer.

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Feel free to post an encouraging comment. 😀

I enjoyed writing this book and I am busy working on my next novel, but the promoting can be overwhelming. This why it is so wonderful when readers like you spread the word.