New Year’s Resolution: Dinner Theatre, Fiction, and 365 Days of Santa Claus

In the year 2015, I plan to do a lot more writing.

In October, I hit the keys rather hard working on my blog: to complete the 31 day challenge. My posts at that time were called 31 Days of Santa Claus.

This inspired me to create “Countdown to Christmas” which was a tad off due to realities the holidays bring.

However, this inspired my to start a blog titled 365 Days of Santa Claus because, as a crafter and a collector, I have Santas adorning my abode 365 days of the year!

My Resolutions:

Craft more Santas

Interview Santa Claus Artisans and Crafters

Blog about Collecting and Crafting Santas

Finish my dinner theatre script and at least of my works of fiction!

This doesn’t mean I will be actually posting a day to day blog, but I will post as much as I possible can.

I think today is a good example:

I’m late getting started this morning because I have a cold and I’m not sure which is worse…the cold or the cold medication.

We are heading to my lake house to do some painting on a bed I designed and my husband and I built for our son(s) over 10 years ago. Originally, it was a loft bed with a desk under the twin sized bed, now we are adding a lower “bunk” to accommodate the sleeping space of a very small bedroom.

And finally, it is New Year’s Eve! And when we return from the lake, I am looking forward to an evening spent with friends and family to ring in the new year!

My plans for this blog are still the same. I hope to help spread the word about other writers, including book blog tours, great advice, contests, etc.

God bless you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!