My Blog for Supporting Authors who Write GREAT Stories!

My goal with this blog is to talk about writing!

I love to highlight writers who are putting their creative minds to work and getting their work out there for others to experience.

My debut novel, The Kitchen Dance, was actually my first completed screenplay. After taking the advice from a college professor, I used my screenplay out an outline to create my first manuscript. Great advice!

I have many other characters from my screenplays and plays challenging me to tell their stories, so I should be busy for quite a while.

But as many of my other fellow authors can attest…life happens and until you become a published author, some may not take you seriously.

I do take my fellow writers very seriously because I know from experience that this is a difficult yet passionate career and I want to share your work with others.

Please contact me if you would like your work (including films) included on my blog.


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