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geri dash

I have the most profound rescue dog named Dash. She always knows when I need to rub her belly or scratch her back.

And if there is any miscommunication, she reminds me with her paw.

We rescued her as an older puppy from the Ouachita Humane Society in Monroe, LA.

She was found by a couple in there 70’s and they wanted to keep her but the man was having balance issues and had already tripped over her once.

We took our older dog, Hero, with us when we went to see her. At first Dash (named after My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash) was timid of the much larger dog, but when we introduced the tennis ball, she immediately joined in the fun.

I could tell she was skeptical about leaving the older couple that she had already bonded with, but when we took her home and introduced her to our two sons, she apparently adjusted to the change.

Now, Dash is one of those dogs that would have probably been overlooked at a pound or rescue because she’s so ordinary looking. Advertised as a “Labrador Mix”, I’m pretty sure there is very little if any trace of Lab in her at all. Some say she looks like a pit bull but she acts like a border collie.

Either way, she is much loved, well behaved, and very much a part of our family.

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