Stupid Writing Tricks…

I LOVE this article!
Well, I don’t like diet Coke…but I love the idea of simply acknowledging your accomplishments (no matter how small) because a LOT of small accomplishments will equal a BIG one.
I’d like to add that STICKERS are awesome, too!
I substitute teach and I take stickers with me. If the students are being “good” as in “good for a sub” and doing the classwork their teacher has assigned, I give them stickers.
Even the high school students enjoy being rewarded and wear their new stickers on their IDs.
I could use a sticker for today because, by reblogged this blog…I have blogged today!


See that man with the Coke cans on his head?

Why is he doing that?

What possible gain could be achieved by sucker-planting a half dozen Coke cans on your head?

Let me tell you this.

The mind is a monkey and easily tricked.

You can convince yourself to do anything that you want to do – even if you don’t want to do it. All that you have to do is fabricate a little motivation.

Trick that mind hard enough and you can cheerfully skip across a bed of smoldering coals.

In my last blog entry I cross-blogged to fellow blogger Lauren Waters site where she discussed a motivational trick that was explained in a LifeHacker article on Jerry Seinfeld.

Here’s a link to that article.

I have decided to adopt that method. I have a calender and a red marker and I have already scratched my…

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