I Have an Idea – What now?

Jack might be a bit behind in his posts, but this one back in September 2013 is worth reading!

Jack B. Strandburg

I have an Idea – What Now?

 Whether you are an aspiring writer or a published author, you might be asked where you find ideas for your fiction.
 Typical sources are newspapers, magazines, television shows, movies, and works by other authors. Many times I’ve read a book or watched a movie and an event or character will spark an idea for a story. One time while driving down the street, I observed a man standing on a street corner and wanted to write about this character.
Hundreds of creative writing books exist in various formats. I own at least four such books. My first mystery novel, now in the rewrite phase, arose from a writing exercise. (You may read details on my website, http://jstrandburg.wordpress.com, under On the Horizon tab.) For the cost-conscious, you will find a wealth of free help on the Internet. I typed “Creative Writing Prompts” on…

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