Summer Vacation Love by E. M. Bannock

I find that I am more inspired by those who follow their dreams to write, even if it takes them many years to tell their stories. E. M Bannok is one of these inspiring women.

Time for Love

From Christina: I’ve got something a bit different for you today. It’s a bit of “Summer Vacation Love” from E. M. Bannock.  Enjoy!

Summer Sunset

Summer Vacation Love

By, E.M. Bannock

It was early evening. A brilliant sunset had faded into mute grey tones. A shimmering reflective moon danced in the distance on the still surface of the lake as we emerged naked hand in hand. We had been hot, sweaty, and musky from working all afternoon in the sizzling sun cutting the overgrown weeds that choked out the yard and beach of the lake house. It seemed natural to strip off our clothes and take a quick skinny dip to cool off when we were done.

It was the beginning of a well deserved summer vacation. Our friends were set to arrive late that night with all of the food and drink. Our contribution was to arrive at the lake house…

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